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Industrial Painting

Paintel is an Industrial Painting Contractor, working with local councils and Highways England to protect bridges, public walk ways and parapets.

Paintel Vegetation Clearance
Vegetation Clearance

Paintel can remove all manner of vegetation from ground level or trickier heights via Rope or MEWP access

Lamp post intricate gold paint
Intricate Paint Work

Paintel offers a sign writing service, including gold leafing and other intricate works, restoring signs back to their former glory

Crealy floor restoration
Floor Restoration

Paintel can design floor paint systems to cope with all types of traffic and chemical spillage. This particularly includes sensitive areas such as hospitals and vets.

Roof cladding paint
Cladding Presservation

Paintel can refurbish and protect any form of cladding.

Paintel Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal

Paintel can remove graffiti from all types of structures and install a new anti graffiti paint system

Paintel Rope Access team
Rope Access

With a team of IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) trained climbers Paintel can maintain all aspects of any structure, from the highest peak to the most awkward crevice.


Paintel MEWP Access
MEWP Access

All Paintel staff are Mewp trained (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) allowing ease of access up to 30m

Paintel Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing

Paintel can Pressure Wash all aspects of any structure, whether its just to clean away years of grime or prepare for painting works.



Paintel Training Centre

ICATS – Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme. Paintel Ltd is an approved ICATS Training Centre in Devon. We can also undertake training courses at your premises for larger groups.
What is ICATS?
ICATS is a comprehensive structured training Scheme for accreditation of Industrial Coating Operatives. ICATS is accredited by the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr). The ICAT Scheme is managed by Correx Ltd, ICorr’s commercial trading company.

The scheme has a mandatory Foundation Unit ‘Industrial Coating Applicator’ (ICA). This comprises 12 modules:

  • ​Introduction

  • Health and safety in painting

  • Corrosion protection

  • Standards and normative documents

  • Working processes

  • Adhesion and paint service

  • Paint application

  • Access options

  • Tools and equipment maintenance

  • Specific industries

  • Environment (aspects and impacts)

  • Painting Inspection​


Why is ICATS training important?
ICATS courses deliver the knowledge for Operatives to carry out educated industrial coating processes. Having a workforce accredited by the Institute of Corrosion will allow coatings companies to better demonstrate their capability to tackle painting projects in an efficient and professional way. This accreditation is a mandatory requirement by Highways UK (England, Wales & Scotland), Network Rail, Ministry of Defence, Oil companies and other industry sectors.

Given the cost and complexity of modern high performance coatings, training applicators to ICATS accreditation has fast become a necessity. There is now no reason why contractors should risk using unqualified operatives, when paying for the training is an inexpensive option compared to correcting a failed system.

Paintel’s Trainers
Kevin Harold is both Correx Ltd’s & Paintel Ltd’s Lead Trainer. Kevin is a Specialist ICATS Trainer for the Foundation ICA, Blasting and Spraying courses. He also delivers the ICATS Company Trainers course, up to date seminars for ICATS Trainers, the ICATS Supervisor course and the 9 year renewals for Operatives.

Rob Hurley is also one of our specialist module trainers including ICA, Blasting and Spraying modules. Joanne Harold also an ICA trainer, backs up our training team

Course cost £750 + VAT

COVID-19: All of our training courses will be provided within goverment guidlines. Please contact us if your require any futher infomation.


For Supervisors Module details click here

For Technical Managers Awareness Course details click here

Tamar Bridge


Paintel Ltd is a family run company that has been specialising in the Painting and Maintenance of structures since 1999. Company Director Kevin Harold has worked within the painting and decorating industry for over 40 years. Beginning his career in 1976 Kevin was an apprentice painter on a 9 month council course, at just 16 years old he knew that painting was his passion. From this starting point, he has worked in every tier of the paint industry including decorator, paint representative, contractor, inspector, specifier, trainer, and trouble shooter.

Founded in 1999 by Kevin and Joanne Harold, Paintel has predominantly existed as an Industrial Painting and Maintenance Contractor, with clients ranging from several of the South West’s County Councils and Highways England, through to several smaller private contracts with local businesses such as the China Fleet Club, Saltash and local landmarks such as The Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee and Smeatons Tower.

Paintel has a team of ICorr-trained Painting Inspectors. Inspectors are available nationally to advise or troubleshoot your industrial painting requirements, either remotely or on-site.

Paintel works alongside the Institute of Corrosion, delivering the ICAT Scheme courses to increase standards and quality within the industry for now and in the future.



Painting Inspection is essential for the Industrial Painting Industry. As the cost of coatings have increased and the expectations of clients are higher, having an Independent Painting Inspector on site can assist all parties on site to deliver what the client wants. Painting Inspectors are on site to advise and enable all site operatives to complete their task. They provide quality assurance while also being commercially aware.

BS EN 28402 :1991 defines inspection as:

“Activities such as measuring, examining, testing, gauging one or more characteristics of a product or service and comparing these with specified requirements to dertemine conformity”

Paintel has three ICorr (Institute of Corrosion) Painting Inspectors. Headed by Kevin Harold with his ICorr Level 3 Painting Inspection, the highest qualification achievable by ICorr. Rob Hurley, level 2 ICorr Painting Inspector, currently training towards his level 3 and Tom Harold, level 2 ICorr Painting Inspector. Paintel prides itself on detailed inspections of site work. These painting inspections ensure that the contractor is reassured that the technical elements of painting, such as wet and dry film thicknesses, environmental conditions and the required standard of surface preparation are compliant with the specification.

Paintel Lead Test
Paintel Lead Test

Qualitative Lead Testing

Paintel Painting Inspectors can perform Lead Tests prior to any work taking place. This shall provide qualitative or qualitative evidence for the presence of Lead depending on the clients requirements.

Paintel Inspection Kit

A selection from a Painting Inspectors kit

Painting Inspectors are trained in Digital and Analogue Inspection Equipment so that inspections can always take place. If you require a Painting Inspector please use our Contact Page.


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