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Tamar Bridge Hangers

Client: Tamar Bridge Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee 

Year: 2016 - Present

Our team of IPAF (Mewps & scissors) & IRATA (Rope Access) trained Industrial Coating Applicators (ICA) where used with supervision from IRATA level 3 Sam Radcliffe from Peninsula Access to complete this project.

The majority of the works could be accessed by two ICA's using a boom lift mewp. One would be in control of the basket while the second prepped and coated the Hangers.

Access to uppermost hangers would require use of IRATA trained ica's as the boom lift could not reach. The ica's would be belayed down under supervision of level 3 Sam Radcliffe.

Once the hangers had been prepped they would be coated in a specialist cable coating

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