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Plymouth Argyle Football Club

PAFC Stadium 1
PAFC Roof 1
PAFC Stadium 2
PAFC Mewp 1
PAFC Roof 2
PAFC Mewp 2
PAFC Roof 3
PAFC Front
PAFC Trolley Wash
PAFC Pressure Wash
PAFC Seating
PAFC Trolley Wash Long
PAFC Shutter
PAFC Long 1
PAFC Shutter Front
PAFC Toilet
PAFC Long 2
PAFC Floor 1
PAFC Floor 2
PAFC Long 3
PAFC Roper Access 1
PAFC Rope Access 2

In the spring of 2021 Paintel had an enquiry from Plymouth Argyle Football club asking if we could refresh multiple areas of the stadium

The works included:


- Repainting Floors

- Roof Cleaning (Pressure Washing)

- Stands & Walkway cleaning (Pressure Washing)

- Concourse & Wash Room cleaning and decorating

Paintel are very proud to be included in the list of suppliers of Plymouth Argyle FC

Client: Plymouth Argyle Football Club

Year: 2021

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