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Torpint Ferry

Torpoint Ferry
Slipway close up
Ferry Chain
Counter Weight
Counter Weight Start
Counter Weight Finish
Safety Railing Primed
Safety Railing Top Coat 1
Safety Railing Top Coat 2
Torpoint Tower Scaffold 1
Torpoint Tower
Torpoint Tower Scaffold 2

Paintel was approached to help keep the slipways clear of algea, which builds up when the tides are in. This can cause hazards such as slipping and skidding for pedestrians or vehicles. Maintaining clear slipways helps to avoid accidents or injuries.

Paintel has also been carrying out works that include:


-Maintance work on chain gantry counter weights

-Repainting of safety railings and barriers

-Refurbishment of the viewing tower including; the reinstatement of the facia, soffits and deck boards as well as applying a high performance paint system

Client: Tamar Bridge Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee 

Year: 2019 - Present

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