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Tintagel Foot Bridge

Client: English Heritage

Year: 2020 - Present

Paintel Ltd has added the new Tintagel Bridge to its list of projects


The original land crossing disappeared in the 15th or 16th century. English Heritage has now restored it with a footbridge made from steel, Cornish slate, and oak.


The bridge spans a 190-foot gorge between two cliffs and is made of two independent 30-metre cantilevers that very nearly touch in the middle.

At the centre of the structure, the 40mm gap was included to represent the transition between the mainland and the island, the present and the past, reality and legend, and the known and the unknown.

Tintagel Castle Bridge tapers from a height of 4.5 metres at the rock face to 170cm at the centre.

A difficult but amazing bridge to work on.

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